You are never too young to start taking karate.

Choe’s HapKiDo Lawrenceville Martial Arts offers karate classes for adults in addition to welcoming kids and teenagers. The moment you walk through our doors, take in the spacious blue-matted, white walled karate studio, where extraordinary individuals become karate stars. This Lawrenceville Martial Arts community is composed of local residents and outstanding HapKiDo instructors.

Our Adult Lawrenceville Martial Arts Classes are designed to teach everyone — no matter the size, shape, and age. A sport that involves movement and strengthening of the whole body, your karate experience will reel in so many benefits. Develop the skills of strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, and self-defense. Increase your level of discipline, respect, confidence, humility, and perseverance. Also expand in the fields of wisdom, alertness, and perception.

Choe’s HapKiDo in Lawrenceville is a well-balanced martial art that channels the connection between the mind and body.

Your Adult Karate Classes in Lawrenceville GA awaits! Also experience our family Lawrenceville Martial Arts classes for all to enjoy together!