the best place

in lawrenceville

to learn self-defense!

Lawrenceville Martial Arts: hapkido is for All!

Take time for yourself and develop the skills to become a ninja. A ninja who can overcome obstacles, break boards, and improve oneself. Engage in our Lawrenceville Martial Arts program that opens its doors to all. Developing muscles for tumbling excites the kids at our Lawrenceville Martial Arts. Martial arts for teenagers is also popular because it benefits their self-esteem and self-respect. For adults in Lawrenceville GA and martial arts, training enhances their lifestyle at work, home, and other social events.

Improve Strength!

Become part of a one-of-a-kind martial art community in Lawrenceville, where discipline, respect, and high concentration contribute to its foundation. Watch how your mind and body transforms after a couple of weeks of participating in Choe’s HapKiDo Lawrenceville Martial Arts.

You Learn the Ways of Being A Martial Artist!

With each Lawrenceville Martial Arts class, enjoy an hour of indulging in this ancient Korean martial art by engaging in meditation, stretching, and conditioning. Also expand your skills with a thorough study of many self-defense techniques, which involve how to escape from all kinds of grasps and locks and attacks. Train your mind and body to be a strong individual who can also defend himself and herself.